Architecture Scope

The scope of the Regional ITS Architecture can be described in terms of: 1) the size of the region and jurisdictions covered (geographic scope), 2) the planning or time horizon, and 3) the variety of transportation services that are covered. This scope is defined in the context of adjacent and overlapping Regional ITS Architectures.


The OKI Regional ITS Architecture is a roadmap for transportation systems integration in the OKI (Ohio–Kentucky–Indiana) Regional Council of Government tri–state area over the next 10 years. This OKI Regional ITS Architecture has been developed through a cooperative effort by the region's transportation agencies, covering all surface transportation modes in the region.

Time Frame: 10 Years

Geographic Scope

The three–state, eight–county Greater Cincinnati region. Consists of Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren Counties in Ohio; Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties in Kentucky and Dearborn County in Indiana. These counties are illustrated in the OKI region map below.

Service Scope

The architecture covers the broad spectrum of ITS, including Traffic Management, Emergency Management, Maintenance and Construction Management, Public Transportation Management, Commercial Vehicle Operations, and Archived Data.

Related Architectures

Related ArchitectureDescription
Ohio Statewide ITS ArchitectureThe Ohio Statewide Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture is a roadmap for the deployment and integration of ITS throughout the state of Ohio for the next fifteen years. The geographic boundary of the Architecture covers the entire state of Ohio. The Ohio Statewide ITS Architecture provides a framework for institutional agreements and technical integration of ITS implementation projects in the state. It supports effective and efficient deployment of transportation and ITS projects that address the transportation problems and needs in the state.