Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

(No Stakeholder) Drivers
 Maintenance and Construction Field Personnel
OwnsBCRTA Equipment and Fleet Service Facilities
OwnsBCRTA Transit Information Systems
OwnsBCRTA Transit System Dispatch
OwnsBCRTA Transit Vehicles
OwnsBCRTA Traveler Information System
Cincinnati PoliceOwnsCincinnati Police Cameras
OwnsCincinnati Police Vehicles
Cincinnati StreetcarOwnsCincinnati Streetcar Rail Vehicles
Cities and CountiesOwnsCity and County Cameras
OwnsCity and County CV Authorizing Center
OwnsCity and County CV Service Monitoring Systems
OwnsCity and County Field Equipment
OwnsCity and County Fire/EMS Vehicles
OwnsCity and County Maintenance Operations
OwnsCity and County Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsCity and County Police/Sheriffs Vehicles
OwnsCity and County Public Information Systems
OwnsCity and County Traffic Control Center
OwnsMunicipal/County Equipment Repair Facility
OwnsOther City and County Traffic Control Centers
OwnsRegional 911 Call Centers
OwnsRegional Public Safety Dispatch Centers
City and County Law Enforcement AgenciesOwnsCity and County Law Enforcement
City and County Public Works DepartmentsOwnsCity and County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
 City and County Maintenance and Construction Center Personnel
OwnsCity and County Traffic Data Archives
City of CincinnatiOwnsCincinnati Bridge Monitoring Cameras
OwnsCincinnati Dynamic Message Signs
OwnsCincinnati Field Equipment
OwnsCincinnati Fire/EMS Vehicles
OwnsCincinnati Maintenance Garage
OwnsCincinnati Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsCincinnati Parking Management
OwnsCincinnati Public Information Office
OwnsCincinnati Public Services Department
OwnsCincinnati Streetcar Transit Information Systems
OwnsCincinnati Traffic Control Center
OwnsCincinnati USA Regional Chamber
OwnsCincy EZPark Mobile Payment
OwnsRegional Operations Center
OwnsThe Banks Intermodal Center
Clermont Transportation ConnectionOwnsCTC Transit Dispatch
OwnsCTC Transit Vehicles
CVGOwnsCVG Airport Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsCVG Airport CV Authorizing Center
OwnsCVG Airport CV Service Monitoring Systems
OwnsCVG Airport Parking Management Systems
OwnsCVG Emergency Response Vehicles
OwnsCVG Operations Center
DriveOhioOwnsOhio Mobility Apps
Financial InstitutionsOwnsFinancial Institutions
General PublicOwnsBasic Vehicles
OwnsConnected/Automated Vehicles
Hamilton CountyOwnsHamilton County Field Equipment
OwnsHamilton County Fire/EMS Vehicles
OwnsHamilton County Maintenance Division
OwnsHamilton County Maintenance Vehicle
OwnsHamilton County Sheriffs Vehicles
OwnsHamilton County Signal Operations
Indiana Department of RevenueOwnsIndiana Motor Carrier Services
Indiana Division of Emergency Response and RecoveryOwnsIndiana Statewide Emergency Operations Center
Indiana DOTOwnsHoosier Helper Safety Service Patrol
OwnsINDOT Automated Gate Closure Systems
OwnsINDOT Cameras
OwnsINDOT CARS 511 System
OwnsINDOT Certification System
OwnsINDOT Connected Vehicle RSE
OwnsINDOT Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System
OwnsINDOT CV Authorizing Center
OwnsINDOT CV Service Monitor System
OwnsINDOT Dynamic Message Signs
OwnsINDOT Field Equipment
OwnsINDOT Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
OwnsINDOT Lane Control Devices
 INDOT Maintenance and Construction Center Personnel
OwnsINDOT Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsINDOT Object Registration and Discovery System
OwnsINDOT Ramp Meters
OwnsINDOT Rest Area Tourist Information Centers
OwnsINDOT Rest Area Truck Parking Availability System
OwnsINDOT RWIS Stations
OwnsINDOT Seymour District Maintenance Garages
OwnsINDOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
OwnsINDOT Traffic Data Archive
OwnsINDOT Traffic Operations Center
OwnsINDOT Traffic Signal Control System
OwnsINDOT Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
OwnsINDOT Traveler Information System
OwnsINDOT Variable Speed Limit Signs
Indiana State PoliceOwnsIndiana State Police Communications Center
OwnsIndiana State Police Posts
OwnsIndiana State Police Vehicles
OwnsIndiana State Police Weigh–in–Motion Stations
Kenton CountyOwnsKenton County CVO Administration
Kentucky Emergency ManagementOwnsKentucky Emergency Alert System
OwnsKentucky Statewide Emergency Operations Center
Kentucky Public Service CommissionOwnsKPSC Commercial Vehicle Registration System
Kentucky State PoliceOwnsKentucky State Police Weigh–in–Motion Stations
OwnsKSP Communications Center
OwnsKSP CRASH Database
OwnsKSP Troop Posts
OwnsKSP Troop Vehicles
Kentucky Transportation CabinetOwnsGoKY
OwnsKYTC Automated Gate Closure Systems
OwnsKYTC Central Office
OwnsKYTC Certification System
OwnsKYTC Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System
OwnsKYTC CV Authorizing Center
OwnsKYTC CV Service Monitor System
OwnsKYTC District 6 Field Equipment
OwnsKYTC District 6 Maintenance Garages
OwnsKYTC District 6 Maintenance Operations
OwnsKYTC District 6 Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsKYTC District 6 Planning
OwnsKYTC District 6 Traffic Operations Center
OwnsKYTC Division of Planning
OwnsKYTC Dynamic Message Signs
OwnsKYTC Frankfort TOC
OwnsKYTC Lane Control Devices
 KYTC Maintenance and Construction Center Personnel
OwnsKYTC Object Registration and Discovery System
OwnsKYTC Office of Public Affairs
OwnsKYTC Ramp Meters
OwnsKYTC Rest Area Tourist Information Centers
OwnsKYTC Rest Area Truck Parking Availability System
OwnsKYTC RWIS Stations
OwnsKYTC SAFE Patrol
OwnsKYTC Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
OwnsKYTC Traffic Signal Control System
OwnsKYTC Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
OwnsKYTC Variable Speed Limit Signs
OwnsTRIMARC Freeway Service Patrol (KYTC)
OwnsKYTC/INDOT/ODOT Wide Area Information Disseminator System
Local MediaOwnsMedia Outlets
Local Transit OperatorsOwnsLocal Transit Agency Transit Information Systems
OwnsLocal Transit Equipment and Fleet Service Facilities
OwnsLocal Transit Systems
OwnsLocal Transit Vehicles
NOAAOwnsNational Weather Service
ODOTOwnsODOT 511 Telephone Information Service
OwnsODOT Automated Gate Closure Systems
OwnsODOT Central Office
OwnsODOT Certification System
OwnsODOT Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System
OwnsODOT CV Authorizing Center
OwnsODOT CV Service Monitor System
OwnsODOT District 8 Field Equipment
OwnsODOT District 8 Maintenance Garages
OwnsODOT District 8 Signal Operations
OwnsODOT District 8 Traffic Data Archive
OwnsODOT Dynamic Message Signs
OwnsODOT Event Streaming Platform
OwnsODOT Freeway Safety Patrol
OwnsODOT Lane Control Devices
 ODOT Maintenance and Construction Center Personnel
OwnsODOT Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsODOT Object Registration and Discovery System
OwnsODOT Office of Technical Services
OwnsODOT OHGO Traveler Information System
OwnsODOT Public Information Office
OwnsODOT Ramp Meters
OwnsODOT Rest Area Tourist Information Centers
OwnsODOT Rest Area Truck Parking Availability System
OwnsODOT RWIS Stations
OwnsODOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
OwnsODOT Statewide TMC
OwnsODOT Storage Facilities
OwnsODOT Traffic Signal Control System
OwnsODOT Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
OwnsODOT Variable Speed Limit Signs
OwnsODOT Wide Area Information Disseminator System
OwnsODOT Workzone Safety Devices
OwnsOther ODOT Traffic Operations Center
OwnsODOT / KYTC Cameras
OwnsODOT / KYTC Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsODOT / KYTC Electronic Toll Administration
OwnsODOT / KYTC Electronic Toll System
OwnsODOT / KYTC Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
OwnsODOT / KYTC Traffic Counters
OwnsODOT / KYTC Traffic Sensors
OwnsODOT / KYTC Traveler Information System
Ohio Department of Public SafetyOwnsODPS Crash Database
Ohio Emergency Management AgencyOwnsOhio Statewide EOC/JDF
Ohio State Highway PatrolOwnsEmergency Alert System
OwnsOhio State Highway Patrol Posts
OwnsOhio State Highway Patrol State Communications Center
OwnsOhio State Highway Patrol Vehicles
OwnsOhio State Highway Patrol Weigh–in–Motion Stations
Ohio State UniversityOwnsOSU Center of Automotive Research
OKIOwnsOKI Transportation Planning Database
Other Cities and CountiesOwnsOther City and County Maintenance Dispatch Facilities
OwnsOther City and County Maintenance Vehicles
Other Public Safety ProvidersOwnsOther Public Safety Vehicles
Parking Management Agencies/CompaniesOwnsParking Management Centers
Private AgenciesOwnsOn–Board Truck Systems
OwnsParking Management Systems and Sensors (Private)
Private CompaniesOwnsPrivate EV Charging Stations
Private Fleet and Freight OperatorsOwnsCommercial Vehicle Operator
OwnsCommercial Vehicles and Barges
OwnsFleet and Freight Management Systems
OwnsPrivate Fleet and Freight Operators
Private Map Data ProvidersOwnsPrivate Map Update Systems
Private Rail OperationsOwnsPrivate Rail Operations Center
OwnsRail Wayside Equipment
Private Riverfront Terminal OperatorsOwnsRiverfront Terminals and Operations Centers
Private Tow Wreckers and Cleanup Service ProvidersOwnsPrivate Tow/Wrecker Vehicles
OwnsPrivate Tow/Wreckers Dispatch
Private Traveler Information ProvidersOwnsPrivate Traveler Information Systems
Private Weather Service ProvidersOwnsPrivate Weather Service Systems
Public AgenciesOwnsITS Communications Equipment
OwnsPublic Agency EV Charging Stations
Public Agencies (Individual States)OwnsTMC Operators
OwnsTruck Parking Hybrid Signs
Public Agencies (Multi–State Coalition)OwnsTruck Parking Website
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)OwnsPUCO Commercial Vehicle Registration System
Regional Airport AuthoritiesOwnsRegional Airports
Regional Hospital OrganizationsOwnsPrivate Ambulance Provider Dispatch
OwnsPrivate Ambulance Provider Vehicles
OwnsRegional Medical Centers
Research InstitutesOwnsTransportation Research Centers
School DistrictsOwnsSchool Buses
OwnsSchool District Dispatch
Smart911 GroupOwnsSmart911
OwnsSORTA Data Warehouse
OwnsSORTA Equipment and Fleet Service Facilities
OwnsSORTA Fixed Route Vehicles
OwnsSORTA Regional Transit Hubs
OwnsSORTA Riverfront Transit Center
OwnsSORTA Security Cameras
OwnsSORTA Transit Dispatch Center
OwnsSORTA Transit Information Systems
OwnsSORTA Traveler Information System
SORTA\TANK\BCRTAOwnsMobile Ticketing (Transit App)
OwnsRegional Smart Card
TANKOwnsRAMP Transit Vehicles
OwnsTANK Data Archive
OwnsTANK Equipment and Fleet Service Facilities
OwnsTANK Regional Transit Hubs
OwnsTANK Transit Information Systems
OwnsTANK Transit System Dispatch
OwnsTANK Transit Vehicles
OwnsTANK Traveler Information System
The PublicOwnsTravelers
TravelersOwnsPrivate Vehicles
OwnsTraveler Information Devices
TRI–EMADOwnsSOSINK Communications Network
TV and Radio StationsOwnsTV and Radio Stations
University of CincinnatiOwnsUniversity of Cincinnati Department of Public Safety
OwnsUniversity of Cincinnati Shuttle Dispatch
OwnsUniversity of Cincinnati Shuttle Vehicles
US Coast GuardOwnsCoast Guard Operations Center