Inventory by Entity

The inventory is made up of the transportation and communications centers, the field equipment, the vehicles, and other systems in the regional transportation system. In the National ITS Architectures, "entities" are the subsystems and terminators that generally represent the systems in ITS. The following table sorts the inventory by National ITS Architecture entity. This sorts elements that perform similar functions together, so elements of a particular type can be easily identified.

Alerting and Advisory SystemsEmergency Alert System
Archived Data ManagementINDOT Traffic Data Archive
KSP CRASH Database
KYTC Division of Planning
ODOT / KYTC Archive
ODOT D8 Traffic Data Archive
ODOT Office of Technical Services
ODPS Crash System
OKI Transportation Planning Database
SORTA Data Warehouse
TANK Data Archive
Care FacilityRegional Medical Centers
Commercial VehicleCommercial Vehicles and Barges
Commercial Vehicle AdministrationKenton County CVO Administration
Commercial Vehicle CheckKenton County CVO Roadside Equipment
Commercial Vehicle DriverCommercial Vehicle Operator
Emergency ManagementCincinnati Police Dispatch
Coast Guard Operations Center
CVG Operations Center
KSP Troop Post
KYTC Frankfort TOC
ODOT Statewide TMC
Ohio State Highway Patrol
Ohio State Highway Patrol Posts
Ohio Statewide Fusion Center - EOC
Private Ambulance Provider Dispatch
Private Tow/Wreckers Dispatch
Regional 911 Call Centers
Regional Operations Center
Regional Public Safety Dispatch Centers
School District Dispatch
SORTA Riverfront Transit Operations Center
SORTA Transit Dispatch Center
TANK Transit System Dispatch
University of Cincinnati Police
Emergency VehicleCincinnati Fire/EMS Vehicles
Cincinnati Police Vehicles
Cities and Counties Fire/EMS Vehicles
Cities and Counties Police/Sheriffs Vehicles
CVG Emergency Response Vehicles
Hamilton County Fire/EMS Vehicles
Hamilton County Sheriffs Vehicles
KSP Troop Vehicles
ODOT / KYTC Freeway Service Patrol
Ohio State Highway Patrol Vehicles
Other Public Safety Vehicles
Private Ambulance Provider Vehicles
Private Tow/Wrecker Vehicles
Enforcement AgencyKSP Troop Post
Ohio State Highway Patrol
Equipment Repair FacilityCity of Cincinnati Maintenance Garage
KYTC Maintenance Depot
Municipal/County Equipment Repair Facility
ODOT D8 Maintenance Garages
Event PromotersCincinnati USA Regional Chamber
KYTC District 6 Planning
Financial InstitutionFinancial Institutions
Fleet and Freight ManagementPrivate Fleet and Freight Operators
Riverfront Terminals and Operations Centers
Information Service ProviderCARS 511 System
City and County Public Information Systems
City of Cincinnati Public Information Office
KYTC Central Office
KYTC Public Information Office
KYTC Website
ODOT / KYTC Traveler Information System
ODOT OHGO Traveler Information System
ODOT Public Information Office
Private Traveler Information Systems
SORTA Traveler Information System
TANK Traveler Information System
Intermodal Freight DepotRiverfront Terminals and Operations Centers
Maintenance and Construction ManagementCity and County Maintenance
City of Cincinnati Public Services Department
Hamilton County Maintenance Division
KYTC District 6 Maintenance Operations
ODOT D8 Maintenance Garages
ODOT Statewide TMC
Maintenance and Construction VehicleCities and Counties Maintenance Vehicles
City of Cincinnati Maintenance Vehicles
Hamilton County Maintenance Vehicle
KYTC District 6 Maintenance Vehicles
ODOT Maintenance Vehicles
MediaTV and Radio Stations
Multimodal Transportation Service ProviderCVG Operations Center
Regional Airports
The Banks Intermodal Center
Other Emergency ManagementSOSINK Communications Network
Parking ManagementCity of Cincinnati Parking Management
ODOT Truck Parking Information System
The Banks Intermodal Center
Payment AdministrationODOT Electronic Toll Administration
Personal Information AccessTraveler Information Device
Rail OperationsRail Operators
Remote Traveler SupportKYTC Rest Areas/Truck Stops/Service Plaza Kiosks
ODOT Rest Areas/Truck Stops/Service Plaza Kiosks
SORTA Regional Transit Hubs
TANK Regional Transit Hubs
RoadwayCincinnati Police Cameras
City and County Field Equipment
City of Cincinnati Field Equipment
Hamilton County Field Equipment
KYTC District 6 Field Equipment
ODOT / KYTC Cameras
ODOT / KYTC Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
ODOT / KYTC Traffic Counters
ODOT / KYTC Traffic Sensors
ODOT Dynamic Message Signs
ODOT Ramp Meters
ODOT Traffic Signals
ODOT Workzone Safety Devices
Roadway PaymentODOT Electronic Toll System
Security MonitoringCity of Cincinnati Bridge Monitoring Cameras
ODOT / KYTC Cameras
ODOT / KYTC Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors
Storage FacilityCity and County Storage Facilities
KYTC District 6 Maintenance Barns
ODOT Storage Facilities
Traffic ManagementCity and County Traffic Control Center
City of Cincinnati Traffic Control Center
Hamilton County Signal Operations
Indiana DOT Traffic Operations Center
KYTC District 6 Planning
KYTC District 6 Traffic Operations Center
KYTC Frankfort TOC
ODOT Central Office
ODOT District 8 Signal Operations
ODOT Statewide TMC
Other City and County Traffic Control Centers
Other ODOT Traffic Operations Center
Transit ManagementCTC Transit Dispatch
Local Transit Systems
School District Dispatch
SORTA Riverfront Transit Operations Center
SORTA Transit Dispatch Center
TANK Transit System Dispatch
Transit VehicleCTC Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Vehicles
RAMP Transit Vehicles
School Buses
SORTA Fixed Route Vehicles
SORTA Rail Vehicles
TANK Transit Buses
Traveler CardRegional Smart Card
Traveler Information Device
VehiclePrivate Vehicles
Wayside EquipmentRail Wayside Equipment
Weather ServiceNational Weather Service