Ohio State University


Represents the various departments of the Ohio State University. Departments represented include the Department of Public Safety, the Transportation and Parking Services Department, and the Engineering Department. The Department of Public Safety provides law enforcement, security services, emergency management planning and other public safety services designed to enhance a safe and secure environment on campus. Transportation & Parking Services provides services and support to help create and maintain a safe and orderly campus environment for pedestrians and vehicle operators while also providing a broad range of parking and transportation services. Transportation & Parking consists of many different services designed to address the needs of the University community. These include Campus Area Bus Service; Charter Bus services; construction coordination as it relates to impacts to streets and parking areas; Handivan paratransit services; Vehicle rental services for departmental business; motorist assistance for campus customers; parking enforcement and traffic support; parking and vehicle maintenance services; special events management; traffic signal coordination and repair. The Engineering Department provides transportation research utilizing data from the Columbus Traffic Management Center (TMC).

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