TM08: Traffic Incident Management System (KYTC)

Need Area Description

––Instance of TM08–– This service package manages both unexpected incidents and planned events so that the impact to the transportation network and traveler safety is minimized. The service package includes incident detection capabilities through roadside surveillance devices (e.g. CCTV) and through regional coordination with other traffic management, maintenance and construction management and emergency management centers as well as rail operations and event promoters. Information from these diverse sources is collected and correlated by this service package to detect and verify incidents and implement an appropriate response. This service package supports traffic operations personnel in developing an appropriate response in coordination with emergency management, maintenance and construction management, and other incident response personnel to confirmed incidents. The response may include traffic control strategy modifications or resource coordination between centers. Incident response also includes presentation of information to affected travelers using the Traffic Information Dissemination service package and dissemination of incident information to travelers through the Broadcast Traveler Information or Interactive Traveler Information service packages. The roadside equipment used to detect and verify incidents also allows the operator to monitor incident status as the response unfolds. The coordination with emergency management might be through a CAD system or through other communication with emergency personnel. The coordination can also extend to tow trucks and other allied response agencies and field service personnel. This service package is closely related with the Public Safety service packages, which focus on services that support first responders. In particular, local management of the incident using an incident command system is covered by PS02.

Need Area Type: Unspecified

Service Package

TM08: Traffic Incident Management System (KYTC)

Includes Needs

01Traffic Operations need to detect and verify incidents on roadways using CCTV and field sensors.
02Traffic Operations need to share incident information with other ITS centers in order to coordinate incident response.
03Traffic Operations need to obtain incident information from other ITS centers in order to coordinate incident response
04Emergency Operations need to be able to dispatch emergency assets to a traffic incident.
05Traffic Operations need to coordinate requests for resources with emergency and maintenance centers in order to support cleanup after the incident.
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