VS13: Intersection Safety Warning and Collision Avoidance (ODOT)

Need Area Description

––Instance of VS13–– This service package enables a connected vehicle approaching an instrumented signalized intersection to receive information from the infrastructure regarding the signal timing and the geometry of the intersection. The vehicle uses its speed and acceleration profile, along with the signal timing and geometry information to determine if it appears likely that the vehicle will be able to pass safely through the intersection without violating the signal or colliding with other vehicles. If the vehicle determines that proceeding through the intersection is unsafe, a warning is provided to the driver and/or collision avoidance actions are taken, depending on the automation level of the vehicle.

Need Area Type: Unspecified

Service Package

VS13: Intersection Safety Warning and Collision Avoidance (DriveOhio CV/AV)

Includes Needs

01Traffic Operations needs to be able to send to Connected Vehicles intersection signal timing information in order for the vehicle to determine if it will safely cross the intersection given its current speed and location.
02Traffic Operations needs to be able to warn vehicles if an intersection violation appears to be imminent.
03Drivers need to be able receive warnings if, based on information received from the intersection, it looks like the vehicle will go through the intersection after the signal has turned red in order to reduce the occurrence of intersection violations.
04Drivers need the vehicle to be able to take automated control actions if it looks like an unsafe situation occurs as the vehicle is approaching an intersection.
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