SU12: Vehicle Maintenance (Indiana)

Need Area Description

––Instance of SU12–– This service package identifies the interfaces and functionality that support vehicle maintenance, including maintenance of ITS equipment on board the vehicle. An interface with a Vehicle Service Center supports vehicle monitoring to support timely, effective maintenance. It also supports software configuration management and updates as part of maintenance of the software–based on–board systems. While this service package covers only maintenance of the Vehicle OBE, it is defined at the highest level of abstraction so that any center that is contemplating advanced maintenance concepts for its fleet vehicles can use this service package. Other service packages that provide maintenance support for fleet vehicles include CVO01, MC02, and PT06.

Need Area Type: Unspecified

Service Package

SU12: Vehicle Maintenance (INDOT / Indiana)

Includes Needs

01Vehicle service agencies need to be able to remotely diagnose maintenance issues within vehicle on board equipment.
02Vehicle service agencies need to be able to remotely perform maintenance actions to vehicle on board equipment such as configuration adjustments or software installation or upgrade.
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