SU06: Object Registration and Discovery (Indiana)

Need Area Description

––Instance of SU06–– This service package provides registration and lookup services necessary to allow objects to locate other objects operating within the Connected Vehicle Environment.

An object registry is like a phone book for all the connected centers, systems, and equipment in the transportation system (the "objects"). In this service package, each object registers itself with the ORDS and tells the registry where it lives in the communication network (e.g., host, port, node name) and information about the services it provides – information that other objects can use to determine the type of service, the geographic scope of the service, and other information that helps users of the registry to make informed decisions about which object(s) support a needed service or information stream. This is the "Discovery" part of the service. Connected objects can use the registry to find (discover) objects that can be used to get needed information or services.

Need Area Type: Unspecified

Service Package

SU06: Object Registration and Discovery (INDOT / Indiana)

Includes Needs

01System operators, vehicle operators, support system operators, PID users need to be able to identify the cyber addresses and services provided of other users. This is essentially a list of "what" services are supported, "who" provides each service and "where" to go to obtain these services.
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