PT17: Transit Connection Protection

Need Area Description

This service package allows travelers to initiate a request for connection protection anytime during the trip using a personal device or on–board equipment and receive a confirmation indicating whether the request is accepted. Connection protection uses real time data to examine the arrival status of a transit vehicle and to transmit a hold message to a vehicle or other mode of transportation (e.g. rail) in order for the traveler to make a successful transfer from one vehicle to another. Connection protection can be performed within a single agency, across multiple agencies, and across multiple modes. In an intermodal, multimodal or interagency environment, a transfer request brokerage system, represented by the Transit Management System, can be used to determine the feasibility of a connection protection request and support schedule coordination between agencies.

Need Area Type: Mobility

Service Package

PT17: Transit Connection Protection

Includes Needs

01Transit Operations needs to be able to determine when connections between transit routes are in jeopardy due to late arrival of one transfer vehicle in order to develop corrective actions to prevent missed connections.
02Transit Operations needs to be able to adjust the real time schedule of a transit vehicle in order to protect the connections made from other transit vehicles to the subject vehicle at a station or stop.
03Transit Travelers need to be able to provide a trip plan to Transit Operations and request they be provided with connection protection for the trip.
04Transit Operations needs to be able to track a specific traveler's trip through the system and provide connection protection actions to give the traveler the best chance of making their trip connections.
05Transit Operations needs to be able to adjust the real time schedule of a transit vehicle in order to provide connection protection for a traveler's trip.
06Transit Operations needs to be able to provide a traveler with updates regarding their transit trip, including connection protection actions taken by Transit Operations.
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