CVO10: Road Weather Information for Freight Carriers (Kentucky)

Need Area Description

––Instance of CVO10–– The service package is a special case of the Road Weather Advisories and Warnings for Motorists service package that focuses on Freight Carrier users. It provides the capability to collect road weather data from connected vehicles and using that data to develop short term warnings or advisories that can be provided to individual commercial vehicles or to commercial vehicle dispatchers. The information may come from either vehicles operated by the general public and commercial entities (including passenger cars and trucks) or specialty vehicles and public fleet vehicles (such as snowplows, maintenance trucks, and other agency pool vehicles). The raw data will be processed in a controlling center to generate road segment–based data outputs. The processing will also include a road weather commercial vehicle alerts algorithm to generate short time horizon alerts that will be pushed to user systems and available to commercial vehicle dispatchers. In addition the information collected can be combined with observations and forecasts from other sources to provide medium (next 2–12 hours) or long term (more than 12 hours) advisories through a variety of interfaces including web based and connected vehicle based interfaces.

Need Area Type: Environmental

Service Package

CVO10: Road Weather Information for Freight Carriers (Kentucky)

Includes Needs

01Transportation agencies need to gather data from vehicles or infrastructure to support environmental monitoring.
02Fleet and Freight Management needs to collect data from private, commercial, specialty and public fleet vehicles to determine the impact of weather on its operations.
03Fleet and Freight Management needs to provide commercial vehicles and their drivers with road weather warnings and advisories.
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