TI06: Dynamic Ridesharing and Shared Use Transportation (DriveOhio CV/AV)

Need Area Description

––Instance of TI06–– This service package addresses dynamic ridesharing/ride matching services to travelers and other forms of shared use transportation. Dynamic ridesharing allows travelers to arrange carpool trips through a personal device with a wireless connection to a ride matching system (e.g., a web–based application). It uses inputs from both passengers and drivers pre–trip, during the trip, and post–trip . These inputs are then translated into "optimal" pairings between passengers and drivers to provide both with a convenient route between their two origin and destination locations. After the trip, information is provided back to the service package to improve the user's experience for future trips.

The shared use aspect of the service package addresses three types of shared use that may be arranged using an internet connected personal device. In the first type, a traveler arranges for the temporary use of a vehicle. In the second type of shared use, a traveler arranges for a vehicle to pick them up at a specific location and take them to another location. The second type of shared use may be implemented as a ride matching or ridesharing service, including those provided by Uber and Lyft. The third type of shared use is a bikeshare capability.

Need Area Type: Unspecified

Service Package

TI06: Dynamic Ridesharing and Shared Use Transportation (DriveOhio CV/AV)

Includes Needs

01Traveler Information needs access to timely, accurate, and reliable transit and multimodal operations data, including available parking, in order to support ride matching by locating and managing meeting and drop–off points.
02Traveler Information needs to accept commuter and driver information for ridesharing, including preferences, payment options, origin/destination, arrival time, departure time, number of riders, number of available passenger spaces.
03Traveler Information needs to match riding commuters to drivers.
04Commuters need to be able to request and confirm shared use transportation.
05Traveler information needs to provide a mechanism for the confirmation of ride matching.
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