PT06: Transit Fleet Management (SORTA)

Need Area Description

This service package supports automatic transit maintenance scheduling and monitoring. On–board condition sensors monitor system status and transmit critical status information to the Transit Management Center. The Transit Management Center processes this data and schedules preventative and corrective maintenance. The service package also supports the day to day management of the transit fleet inventory, including the assignment of specific transit vehicles to blocks and the assignment of transit vehicle operators to runs.

Need Area Type: Unspecified

Service Package

PT06: Transit Fleet Management (SORTA)

Includes Needs

01Transit Operations needs to able to remotely monitor transit vehicle operating conditions in order to determine if maintenance of the vehicle is needed.
02Transit Operations needs to be able to perform maintenance scheduling of transit vehicles including real time requests for actions by the vehicle operator.
03Transit Operations needs to be able to assign specific vehicles to blocks in order to perform vehicle allocation.
04Transit Operations needs to be able to assign transit operators to runs.
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