Toll Plaza Toll Collection Functional Area


Roadside collection of tolls from vehicle toll tags and violation identification.

Included In

ODOT Electronic Toll System

Functional Requirements

1The field element shall read data from passing vehicles to support toll payment transactions.
2The field element shall calculate the toll due based on the vehicle characteristics (vehicle size, weight, axle count, etc.) and stored toll prices.
3The field element shall update the stored value after debiting the toll amount and send a record of the transaction to a center.
4The field element shall read the credit identity from the passing vehicle and send that identity and the amount to be debited to a center.
5The field element shall support advanced toll payment by checking the vehicle's toll information against a stored list of advanced payments, and debiting the toll from the list in the case of a match.
6In the case of closed toll systems, the field element shall update the vehicle on-board data with the system entry point, and upon toll system exit, use the stored data in the calculation of the toll.
7The field element shall control roadside displays indicating success or failure of the toll transaction to the driver.
8The field element shall control cameras, obtain images, and forward images of toll violators to a center.
9The field element shall respond to changes in tolls from the Toll Operator.
10The field element shall forward wide-area alert information to the Toll Operator.