Toll Administration Functional Area


Management of toll collection for private and commercial vehicles, dynamic pricing, payment reconciliation with financial institutions, and violation notification to enforcement agencies.

Included In

ODOT Electronic Toll Administration

Functional Requirements

1The center shall manage toll transactions, including maintaining a log of all transactions and toll pricing structure information.
2The center shall dynamically price tolls based on current traffic condition information.
3For electronic toll payments requiring financial payment, the center shall process the financial information from toll plazas and manage an interface to a Financial Institution.
4The center shall manage a local billing database for toll customers.
5The center shall manage the details of toll payment violations based on vehicle information from the toll plaza, registration information from the Department of Motor Vehicles, invalid payment information from a Financial Institution, and previous violation information stored locally, and report such violations to appropriate law enforcement agencies.
6The center shall calculate traffic flow based on timestamped toll transactions for vehicle travel between successive toll plazas and send to other agencies.
7The center shall respond to changes in toll prices from the Toll Administrator.
8The center shall exchange data with other toll agencies to coordinate toll transactions and pricing.
9The center shall support requests for advanced toll payment and provide this information to its toll plazas.
10The center shall support wide-area alerts from emergency centers by passing on the information to its toll plazas and the Toll Administrator.
11The center shall support toll transactions by commercial fleet operators.