CV Safety and Security Administration Functional Area


Provides commercial vehicle safety and security criteria to roadside check facilities, collects and reviews safety and security data from the field, conducts wireless roadside inspections, and distributes safety and security information to other centers, carriers, and enforcement agencies.

Included In

Kenton County CVO Administration

Functional Requirements

1The center shall provide commercial vehicle safety and security data to roadside check facilities.
2The center shall collect and review safety inspection reports and violations from the roadside check facilities and pass on appropriate portions to other commercial vehicle administrative centers and commercial vehicle fleet operators.
3The center shall notify enforcement agencies of commercial vehicle safety violations by individual commercial vehicles, drivers, or carriers.
4The center shall monitor alerting and advisory systems for security alerts and advisories.
5The center shall provide commercial vehicle accident reports to enforcement agencies.
6The center shall receive citation records from roadside check facilities.
7The center shall manage the citation records and provide the citations to enforcement agencies and the commercial fleet management center.
8The center shall provide the capability for the commercial fleet management center to report required commercial vehicle repairs and other corrections of identified deficiencies.
9The center shall support carrier enrollment in wireless roadside inspection programs.
10The center shall manage and distribute information about trigger areas where wireless inspections will occur.
11The center shall monitor the condition of the commercial vehicle and driver using wireless communications at identified trigger areas.