RSE CACC Operations Functional Area


'RSE CACC Operations' provides infrastructure support for formation and dissolution of strings of CACC–equipped vehicles and provides operating parameters to the strings of vehicles including string length, recommended speeds, and gaps.

Included In

ODOT / KYTC Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
INDOT Connected Vehicle RSE
City and County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment

Functional Requirements

01The roadside equipment shall provide platoon–level gap and speed policy recommendations to connected vehicles in order to improve the safety and efficiency of platoon operations.
02The roadside equipment shall collect connected vehicle information to allow the infrastructure to support platoon operations.
03The roadside equipment shall process command and control information from the center to adjust platooning parameters.
04The roadside equipment shall disseminate current speed and gap policy recommendations to nearby equipped vehicles.
05The roadside equipment shall disseminate performance parameters and destination information to nearby equipped vehicles involved in a platoon.
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