Transit Center Operator Assignment Functional Area


'Transit Center Operator Assignment' automates and supports the assignment of transit vehicle operators to runs. It assigns operators to runs in a fair manner while minimizing labor and overtime services, considering operator preferences and qualifications, and automatically tracking and validating the number of work hours performed by each individual operator. It also provides an exception handling process for the operator assignment function to generate supplemental operator assignments when required by changes during the operating day.

Included In

TANK Transit System Dispatch
SORTA Transit Dispatch Center
Local Transit Systems
CTC Transit Dispatch
BCRTA Transit System Dispatch
University of Cincinnati Shuttle Dispatch

Functional Requirements

01The center shall maintain records of a transit vehicle operator's performance. This may be done utilizing standardized performance evaluation criteria set forth by governmental regulations and transit operating company policies, assessing the transit vehicle operator's driving history, and assessing comments from the transit vehicle operator's supervisor(s) as well as noting any moving violations or accidents, supervisor comments, government regulations, and company policies.
02The center shall assess the transit vehicle operator's availability based on previous work assignments, accumulated hours, plus health and vacation commitments.
03The center shall assign transit vehicle operators to transit schedules based on their eligibility, route preferences, seniority, and transit vehicle availability.
04The center shall provide an interface through which the transit vehicle operator information can be maintained – either from the transit vehicle operator, center personnel, or other functions.
05The center shall generate supplemental vehicle operator assignments as required due to change events that occur during the operating day.
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