TMC Incident Detection Functional Area


'TMC Incident Detection' identifies and reports incidents to Traffic Operations Personnel. It remotely monitors and controls traffic sensor and surveillance systems that support incident detection and verification. It analyzes and reduces the collected sensor and surveillance data, external alerting and advisory and incident reporting systems, anticipated demand information from intermodal freight depots, border crossings, special event information, and identifies and reports incidents and hazardous conditions

Included In

KYTC District 6 Traffic Operations Center
KYTC District 6 Planning
ODOT District 8 Signal Operations
Cincinnati Traffic Control Center
Hamilton County Signal Operations
ODOT Statewide TMC
Regional Operations Center
Ohio State Highway Patrol Posts
KSP Troop Posts
City and County Traffic Control Center
INDOT Traffic Operations Center
ODOT Traffic Signal Control System
City and County Law Enforcement
INDOT Traffic Signal Control System
KYTC Traffic Signal Control System
Indiana State Police Posts

Functional Requirements

01The center shall receive inputs from the Alerting and Advisory System concerning the possibility or occurrence of severe weather, terrorist activity, or other major emergency, including information provided by the Emergency Alert System.
02The center shall collect and store traffic flow and image data from the field equipment to detect and verify incidents.
03The center shall receive inputs concerning upcoming events that would effect the traffic network from event promoters and traveler information service providers.
04The center shall exchange incident and threat information with emergency management centers as well as maintenance and construction centers; including notification of existence of incident and expected severity, location, time and nature of incident.
05The center shall support requests from emergency management centers and border inspection systems to remotely control sensor and surveillance equipment located in the field.
06The center shall provide road network conditions and traffic images to emergency management centers to support the detection, verification, and classification of incidents.
07The center shall provide video and traffic sensor control commands to the field equipment to detect and verify incidents.
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