Roadway Incident Detection Functional Area


'Roadway Incident Detection' provides incident detection using traffic detectors and surveillance equipment. It monitors for unusual traffic conditions that may indicate an incident or processes surveillance images, watching for potential incidents. It provides potential incident information as well as traffic flow and images to the center for processing and presentation to traffic operations personnel.

Included In

Cincinnati Field Equipment
ODOT / KYTC Cameras
Cincinnati Police Cameras
KYTC District 6 Field Equipment
Hamilton County Field Equipment
City and County Field Equipment
ODOT District 8 Field Equipment
City and County Cameras
INDOT Cameras
INDOT Field Equipment

Functional Requirements

01The field element shall collect, process, and send traffic images to the center for incident detection and further analysis.
02The field element shall remotely process video data and provide an indication of potential incidents to the traffic management center.
03The field element's video devices shall be remotely controlled by a traffic management center.
04The field element shall provide operational status and fault data for the incident detection devices to the traffic management center.
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