TIC Road Weather Advisories and Warnings Functional Area


'TIC Road Weather Advisories and Warnings' collects, aggregates, and processes environmental situation data (aka environmental probe data) from connected vehicles. Environmental situation data may be collected through direct wide area wireless communications with vehicles or through short range communications equipment at the roadside. Aggregated environmental conditions information are distributed to other centers that use the information to support transportation operations and traveler information services.

Included In

ODOT / KYTC Traveler Information System
Cincinnati Public Information Office
ODOT OHGO Traveler Information System
City and County Public Information Systems
INDOT CARS 511 System

Functional Requirements

01The center shall collect road weather data (air temperature, exterior light status, wiper status, traction control status, etc.) from appropriately equipped vehicles and short range communications equipment.
02The center shall aggregate collected environmental probe data and disseminate the aggregated road weather data to other centers.
03The center shall receive traffic probe data collected by transit fleet operators and include this data in aggregated probe data provided to other centers.
04The center shall receive traffic probe data derived from electronic toll collection operations and include this data in aggregated probe data provided to other centers.
05The center shall develop short term weather warnings or advisories that can be provided to individual motorists.
06The center shall obtain information regarding weather and road conditions for targeted weather impact, including visibility, wind speed, wind direction, snow accumulation, adjacent snow accumulation, ice/water accumulation.
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