Vehicle Basic Toll/Parking Payment Functional Area


'Vehicle Basic Toll/Parking Payment' includes the traditional on–board systems that pay for tolls and parking electronically. It includes the in–vehicle equipment that communicates with the toll/parking plaza and an optional interface to a carry–in payment device. See also 'Vehicle Payment Services', which provides a broader range of payment services.

Included In

Private Vehicles

Functional Requirements

01The vehicle shall respond to requests from toll collection equipment for credit identity, stored value card cash, etc.
02The vehicle shall respond to request from parking field equipment for credit identity, stored value card cash, etc.
03The vehicle shall provide an interface to the driver to make requests for advance payments of tolls, parking, and transit fares and present the status of electronic payment transactions.
04The vehicle shall provide an interface with the traveler card / payment instrument carried on–board the vehicle – to exchange identity information and payment transactions.
05The vehicle shall present payment information to the driver in audible or visual forms without impairing the driver's ability to control the vehicle in a safe manner.
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