ISP Emergency Traveler Information Functional Area


Distribution of emergency information to the traveling public, including evacuation information and wide-area alerts.

Included In

KYTC Public Information Office
ODOT / KYTC Traveler Information System
City of Cincinnati Public Information Office
ODOT OHGO Traveler Information System
City and County Public Information Systems
CARS 511 System

Functional Requirements

1The center shall disseminate emergency evacuation information to the traveler interface systems, including evacuation zones, shelter information, available transportation modes, road closures and detours, changes to transit services, and traffic and road conditions at the origin, destination, and along the evacuation routes.
2The center shall provide evacuation information to shelter providers.
3The center shall disseminate wide-area alert information to the traveler interface systems, including major emergencies such as a natural or man-made disaster, civil emergency, child abductions, severe weather watches and warnings, military activities, and law enforcement warnings.
4The center shall provide the capability for a system operator to control the type and update frequency of emergency and wide-area alert information distributed to travelers.