MCM Winter Maintenance Management Functional Area


'MCM Winter Maintenance Management' manages winter road maintenance, tracking and controlling snow plow operations, roadway treatment (e.g., salt spraying and other material applications), and other snow and ice control operations. It monitors environmental conditions and weather forecasts and uses the information to schedule winter maintenance activities, determine the appropriate snow and ice control response, and track and manage response operations.

Included In

KYTC District 6 Maintenance Operations
ODOT District 8 Maintenance Garages
Hamilton County Maintenance Division
ODOT Statewide TMC
Cincinnati Public Services Department
City and County Maintenance Operations
Other City and County Maintenance Dispatch Facilities
INDOT Seymour District Maintenance Garages
KYTC District 6 Maintenance Garages

Functional Requirements

01The center shall respond to requests from emergency management and traffic management centers for hazard removal, field equipment repair, and other winter roadway maintenance.
02The center shall exchange information with administrative systems to support the planning and scheduling of winter maintenance activities. This information includes: equipment and consumables resupply purchase request status, personnel qualifications including training and special certifications, environmental regulations and rules that may impact maintenance activities, and requests and project requirements from contract administration.
03The center shall provide status information about scheduled winter maintenance activities including anticipated closures and impact to the roadway, alternate routes, anticipated delays, closure times, and durations. The information is provided to other management centers such as traffic, emergency, transit, traveler information providers, other maintenance centers, and the media.
04The center shall receive equipment availability and materials storage status information from storage facilities to support the scheduling of winter maintenance activities.
05The center shall support an interface with a map update provider, or other appropriate data sources, through which updates of digitized map data can be obtained and used as a background for the scheduling of winter maintenance activities.
06The center shall collect real–time information on the state of the regional transportation system from other centers including current traffic and road conditions, weather conditions, special event and incident information and use the collected information to support winter maintenance operations.
07The center shall dispatch and route winter maintenance vehicle drivers and support them with route–specific environmental, incident, advisory, threat, alert, and traffic congestion information.
08The center shall determine the need for roadway treatment based on current and forecasted weather information, current usage of treatments and materials, available resources, requests for action from other agencies, and recommendations from the Maintenance Decision Support system, specifically under winter conditions. This supports winter maintenance such as plowing, treating, anti–icing, etc.
09The center shall provide dispatch instructions for vehicle operators based on input parameters from center personnel, specifically for winter conditions. This could include a treatment route, treatment application rates, start and end times, and other treatment instructions.
10The center shall support remote control of on–board maintenance and construction vehicle systems and field equipment that is remotely controlled by the vehicle such as adjusting material application rates and spread patterns.
11The center shall assess the current status of all winter maintenance activities, including actual work activities performed, current locations and operational conditions of vehicles, materials and equipment inventories, field equipment status, environmental information, etc.
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