CVAC Credentials and Taxes Administration Functional Area


'CVAC Credentials and Taxes Administration' issues credentials, collects fees and taxes, and supports enforcement of credential requirements. It manages driver licensing and enrolls carriers in additional CVO programs such as wireless roadside inspection programs. It communicates with the Fleet and Freight Management Centers associated with the motor carriers to process applications and collect fuel taxes, weight/distance taxes, and other taxes and fees associated with commercial vehicle operations. It also receives applications for, and issues special Oversize/Overweight and HAZMAT permits in coordination with other cognizant authorities. It supports user account management and receives and processes requests for review of carrier and driver status. It communicates with peer functional objects in other jurisdictions to exchange credentials database information.

Included In

PUCO Commercial Vehicle Registration System
KPSC Commercial Vehicle Registration System

Functional Requirements

01The center shall manage electronic credentials filing and processing for commercial vehicles.
02The center shall manage the filing of appropriate taxes for the operation of commercial vehicles.
03The center shall process requests for payments of electronic credentials and tax filing, maintaining an interface to a Financial Institution as necessary.
04The center shall exchange credentials and tax information with other commercial vehicle administration centers, either other states or the federal government.
05The center shall provide route restrictions information, including hazmat restrictions, to other centers and agencies for distribution to commercial vehicle operators. These centers and agencies may include commercial fleet and freight management operators, traveler information centers, digital map update providers, and other commercial vehicle administration centers.
06The center shall use information on asset restrictions received from maintenance centers to develop the commercial vehicle route restrictions and process credentials applications.
07The center shall provide an interface with commercial vehicle fleet and freight management centers to exchange audit and compliance review reports.
08The center shall provide credentials information about commercial vehicle operators and carriers to authorized requestors, including roadside check stations that determine when a vehicle should be pulled–in based on their credentials and their actual load/freight contents.
09The center shall receive and store information on commercial vehicle violations from enforcement agencies as part of the processing of credentials applications.
10The center shall manage driver licensing for commercial vehicle drivers.
11The center shall enroll carriers in commercial vehicle programs and support user account management.
12The center shall process requests for review of carrier and driver status.
13The center shall issue special Oversize/Overweight and HAZMAT permits in coordination with other cognizant authorities.
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