Vehicle Traveler Information Reception Functional Area


'Vehicle Traveler Information Reception' provides the capability for drivers to receive general transportation information including traffic and road conditions, traffic regulations, incident information, maintenance and construction information, event information, transit information, parking information, weather information, and broadcast alerts.

Included In

Private Vehicles
BCRTA Transit Vehicles
Connected/Automated Vehicles

Functional Requirements

01The vehicle shall receive roadway safety information of infrastructure issues such as objects in ornear travel lanes.
01The vehicle shall receive formatted traffic information from a center and present it to the driver.
02The vehicle shall receive transit information from a center and present it to the driver.
03The vehicle shall receive event information from a center and present it to the driver.
04The vehicle shall receive evacuation information from a center and present it to the driver.
05The vehicle shall receive wide–area alerts and present it to the driver.
06The vehicle shall provide data from the vehicle itself to the driver. This vehicle data may include vehicle conditions, environmental conditions, safety or position warnings.
07The vehicle shall prioritize safety and warning messages to supersede advisory and broadcast messages.
08The vehicle shall support driver input in audio or manual form.
09The vehicle shall present information to the driver in audible or visual forms without impairing the driver's ability to control the vehicle in a safe manner.
10The vehicle shall receive border clearance information and present it to driver.
11The vehicle shall provide eco–driving recommendations to the driver.
12The Vehicle shall receive traveler information from Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment.
13The vehicle shall receive traffic regulation information from the center and validate that the information originated with the traffic regulatory entity with authority over the region the regulation applies.
14The vehicle shall present traffic regulation information to the driver when the driver is in a condition where the regulation is relevant.
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