Transit Garage Maintenance Functional Area


Collect operational and maintenance data from transit vehicles, manage vehicle service histories, automatically generate preventative maintenance schedules, and provide information to service personnel.

Included In

TANK Transit System Dispatch
SORTA Transit Dispatch Center
SORTA Riverfront Transit Operations Center
School District Dispatch

Functional Requirements

1The center shall collect operational and maintenance data from transit vehicles.
2The center shall monitor the condition of a transit vehicle to analyze brake, drive train, sensors, fuel, steering, tire, processor, communications equipment, and transit vehicle mileage to identify mileage based maintenance, out-of-specification or imminent failure conditions.
3The center shall generate transit vehicle maintenance schedules that identify the maintenance or repair to be performed and when the work is to be done.
4The center shall generate transit vehicle availability listings, current and forecast, to support transit vehicle assignment planning based, in part, on the transit vehicle maintenance schedule.
5The center shall assign technicians to a transit vehicle maintenance schedule, based upon such factors as personnel eligibility, work assignments, preferences and seniority.
6The center shall verify that the transit vehicle maintenance activities were performed correctly, using the transit vehicle's status, the maintenance personnel's work assignment, and the transit maintenance schedules.
7The center shall generate a time-stamped maintenance log of all maintenance activities performed on a transit vehicle.
8The center shall provide transit operations personnel with the capability to update transit vehicle maintenance information and receive reports on all transit vehicle operations data.