INDOT DMS (DES 2002517)


Provide advance warnings and information to motorists along rural sections of WB I–74 (before SR–1) by installing dynamic message signs (DMS). The need for this project is to warn motorist of traffic conditions in advance of interchanges on rural sections of the interstate, alerting motorists to delays or other traffic conditions. By providing this information, motorists will have the opportunity to select a different route, improving the safety for both those working in and those traveling through the affected area.

Status: Planned

Timeframe: FY 2022


INDOT Cameras
INDOT CARS 511 System
INDOT Dynamic Message Signs
INDOT Field Equipment
INDOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
INDOT Traffic Operations Center
INDOT Traveler Information System
Regional Operations Center
TMC Operators


TM06–Traffic Information Dissemination (INDOT)
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