2050 OKI MTP TSMO Corridor 1 (Smart Lanes)


Create a 6 mile corridor on US–50 from SR–350 to I–275 with added wireless interconnect, and 6 –20 suburban, adaptive, transit signal preemption.

Status: Planned

Timeframe: 2027


City and County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
City and County Field Equipment
City and County Traffic Control Center
Connected/Automated Vehicles
INDOT Cameras
INDOT CARS 511 System
INDOT Connected Vehicle RSE
INDOT Dynamic Message Signs
INDOT Field Equipment
INDOT Lane Control Devices
INDOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
INDOT Traffic Operations Center
INDOT Traffic Signal Control System
INDOT Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
INDOT Traveler Information System
Local Transit Systems
Local Transit Vehicles
Private Traveler Information Systems


PT09–Transit Signal Priority (Indiana / Local Transit)
TM04–Connected Vehicle Traffic Signal System (Indiana)
TM22–Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use (INDOT)
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