City of Hamilton ITS / Traffic Signal Upgrade (PID 113302)


Installation of a central based signal system, including Centracs priority preemption for the City of Hamilton's 94 traffic signals, upgraded controllers and detection and improved communication between traffic signals using fiber optic cable, and transit priority preemption. Approximately $5.2M.

Part of this project will include dynamic message signs (DMS) on High Street near the Spooky Nook Sports Complex.

Status: Planned

Timeframe: FY 2022


BCRTA Transit System Dispatch
BCRTA Transit Vehicles
City and County Cameras
City and County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
City and County Field Equipment
City and County Public Information Systems
City and County Traffic Control Center
Local Transit Systems


PT09–Transit Signal Priority (DriveOhio CV/AV)
TM03–Traffic Signal Control (City and County)
TM04–Connected Vehicle Traffic Signal System (DriveOhio CV/AV)
TM06–Traffic Information Dissemination (City and County)
TM06–Traffic Information Dissemination (ODOT)
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