US-27 Corridor (KY) Phase 1


Planning and construction of a smart corridor from 11th Street in Newport to the Southgate boundary. Project will include installation and upgrade of advanced signal technologies such as adaptive signals, fiber optics to link the traffic control system, and potentially install CCTV technology.

Status: Planned

Timeframe: 2021 – 2025


City and County Cameras
City and County Field Equipment
City and County Traffic Control Center
KYTC District 6 Field Equipment
KYTC District 6 Traffic Operations Center
KYTC Traffic Signal Control System
KYTC Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
ODOT / KYTC Cameras


TM01–Infrastructure–Based Traffic Surveillance (KYTC)
TM03–Traffic Signal Control (KYTC)
TM04–Connected Vehicle Traffic Signal System (Kentucky)
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