PT16-Route ID for the Visually Impaired

Status: Planned


This service package assists visually impaired travelers to identify the appropriate bus and route to their intended destination. It provides information from bus stop infrastructure to visually impaired travelers portable devices that can be converted to audible information regarding the appropriate bus and route. It also allows the visually impaired traveler to query the portable device to identify route options.

Includes Elements

TANK Transit System Dispatch
TANK Transit Vehicles
SORTA Transit Dispatch Center
SORTA Fixed Route Vehicles
Traveler Information Devices
RAMP Transit Vehicles
SORTA Regional Transit Hubs
Local Transit Systems
CTC Transit Dispatch
CTC Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Vehicles
TANK Regional Transit Hubs
ODOT / KYTC Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
BCRTA Transit Vehicles
Cincinnati Streetcar Rail Vehicles
BCRTA Transit System Dispatch
City and County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
SORTA Transit Information Systems
BCRTA Transit Information Systems
TANK Transit Information Systems
Local Transit Agency Transit Information Systems
University of Cincinnati Shuttle Dispatch
University of Cincinnati Shuttle Vehicles
CVG Airport Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Cincinnati Streetcar Transit Information Systems
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