APTS01-Transit Vehicle Tracking




This service package monitors current transit vehicle location using an Automated Vehicle Location System. The location data may be used to determine real time schedule adherence and update the transit systemís schedule in real-time. Vehicle position may be determined either by the vehicle (e.g., through GPS) and relayed to the infrastructure or may be determined directly by the communications infrastructure. A two-way wireless communication link with the Transit Management Subsystem is used for relaying vehicle position and control measures. Fixed route transit systems may also employ beacons along the route to enable position determination and facilitate communications with each vehicle at fixed intervals. The Transit Management Subsystem processes this information, updates the transit schedule and makes real-time schedule information available to the Information Service Provider.

Includes Elements

TANK Transit System Dispatch
TANK Transit Buses
SORTA Transit Dispatch Center
SORTA Fixed Route Vehicles
SORTA Riverfront Transit Operations Center
SORTA Rail Vehicles
School District Dispatch
School Buses
RAMP Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Systems
CTC Transit Dispatch
CTC Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Vehicles