MC06-MC06-4: Install snow and ice detection management and advanced snow plow systems in Ohio




Pilot project to assess use of road weather information systems integrated with advanced technology snow plows. These systems provide early warning of icing and snow, and meter the amount of chemical and/or sand applied based on surface conditions, including amount of chemical already applied. Savings in chemical and sand, and reduction of ice and snow-related incidents are anticipated. A lead agency must be selected for this project, or the project can be implemented through the Research program, if implemented. Lead Agency is ODOT.

Includes Elements

KYTC District 6 Traffic Operations Center
KYTC District 6 Maintenance Operations
KYTC District 6 Maintenance Vehicles
KYTC District 6 Maintenance Barns
ODOT Statewide TMC
City and County Maintenance
National Weather Service