ATMS01-Network Surveillance




This service package includes traffic detectors, other surveillance equipment, the supporting field equipment, and fixed-point to fixed-point communications to transmit the collected data back to the Traffic Management Subsystem. The derived data can be used locally such as when traffic detectors are connected directly to a signal control system or remotely (e.g., when a CCTV system sends data back to the Traffic Management Subsystem). The data generated by this service package enables traffic managers to monitor traffic and road conditions, identify and verify incidents, detect faults in indicator operations, and collect census data for traffic strategy development and long range planning. The collected data can also be analyzed and made available to users and the Information Service Provider Subsystem.

Includes Elements

KYTC District 6 Traffic Operations Center
ODOT District 8 Signal Operations
City of Cincinnati Field Equipment
City of Cincinnati Traffic Control Center
Hamilton County Signal Operations
ODOT / KYTC Traveler Information System
ODOT Statewide TMC
ODOT / KYTC Cameras
City of Cincinnati Public Information Office
Cincinnati Police Cameras
KYTC District 6 Field Equipment
ODOT Traffic Signals
ODOT OHGO Traveler Information System
Hamilton County Field Equipment
ODOT / KYTC Traffic Sensors
City and County Field Equipment
City and County Traffic Control Center
City and County Public Information Systems
CARS 511 System
Private Traveler Information Systems