ATIS01-ATIS01-2: Expand Traveler Information Delivery Methods and Connection of Private Providers




Implement additional traveler information dissemination methods which may include cable TV station; personalized traveler information on a subscription basis delivered to cell phones, pagers, personal computing devices, etc.; connections to private sector service providers that provide content for in-vehicle computing devices; and other means that may emerge in the future. This should be implemented via a public-private partnership. The key public sector cost element will be in infrastructure to enable providing enhanced content to the private sector. Lead Agency is ODOT / KYTC. 

ARTIMIS to establish links with private providers to deliver traffic information to more people in different facets, such as employer websites.. Lead Agency is ODOT.

Includes Elements

KYTC Public Information Office
ODOT / KYTC Traveler Information System
ODOT OHGO Traveler Information System
TV and Radio Stations
ODOT Rest Areas/Truck Stops/Service Plaza Kiosks
ODOT Public Information Office
CARS 511 System
Private Traveler Information Systems