VS15-Infrastructure Enhanced Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (INDOT / Indiana)

Status: Planned


––Instance of VS15–– This service package adds Infrastructure to Vehicle (I2V) communications to Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control systems so that strings of compatible CACC–equipped vehicles can be more efficiently formed and cooperating vehicles gain access to speed recommendations and traffic control status from the infrastructure, further enhancing traffic flow stability and improving highway capacity and throughput. Speed recommendations provided by the infrastructure can be used to stabilize traffic flow, reducing speed differentials and enhancing throughput along a route that includes a bottleneck. Access to traffic control information such as signal phase and timing enables synchronized starts by adjacent CACC–equipped strings of vehicles, increasing intersection throughput. The infrastructure can also assist with broader coordination between CACC–equipped vehicles, enabling strings of vehicles to be more efficiently formed that share performance parameters and destinations.

Includes Elements

City and County Traffic Control Center
INDOT Traffic Operations Center
Commercial Vehicles and Barges
INDOT Connected Vehicle RSE
City and County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Basic Vehicles
Connected/Automated Vehicles
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