VS03-Situational Awareness (KYTC / Kentucky)

Status: Planned


––Instance of VS03–– This service package shares information about potentially hazardous road conditions or road hazards with other vehicles to support enhanced driver warnings and control automation. Vehicles broadcast relevant road condition information that is collected by the vehicle, such as fog or icy roads. This service package supports the capability for connected vehicles to share situational awareness information even in areas where no roadside communications infrastructure exists. It can be useful to vehicles that are not fully equipped with sensors, or vehicles entering an area with hazardous conditions. Roadside communications infrastructure, if available, can extend the situational awareness range to cover wrong way vehicles where closing rates can require notification beyond DSRC communications range.

Includes Elements

KYTC District 6 Maintenance Vehicles
ODOT / KYTC Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
City and County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Basic Vehicles
Connected/Automated Vehicles
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