TM06-Traffic Information Dissemination (City and County)

Status: Planned


––Instance of TM06–– This service package provides driver information using roadway equipment such as dynamic message signs or highway advisory radio. A wide range of information can be disseminated including traffic and road conditions, closure and detour information, travel restrictions, incident information, and emergency alerts and driver advisories. This package provides information to drivers at specific equipped locations on the road network. Careful placement of the roadway equipment provides the information at points in the network where the drivers have recourse and can tailor their routes to account for the new information. This package also covers the equipment and interfaces that provide traffic information from a traffic management center to the media (for instance via a direct tie–in between a traffic management center and radio or television station computer systems), Transit Management, Emergency Management, and Transportation Information Centers. A link to the Maintenance and Construction Management Center allows real time information on road/bridge closures and restrictions due to maintenance and construction activities to be disseminated.

Includes Elements

TANK Transit System Dispatch
Hamilton County Signal Operations
Hamilton County Field Equipment
TV and Radio Stations
City and County Field Equipment
Regional 911 Call Centers
City and County Traffic Control Center
City and County Public Information Systems
School District Dispatch
Regional Public Safety Dispatch Centers
Local Transit Systems
CTC Transit Dispatch
BCRTA Transit System Dispatch
Media Outlets
City and County Law Enforcement
Basic Vehicles
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