PT04-Transit Fare Collection Management (Local Transit Agencies)

Status: Planned


––Instance of PT04–– This service package manages transit fare collection on–board transit vehicles and at transit stops using electronic means. It allows transit users to use a traveler card or other electronic payment device such as a smart phone. Readers located either in the infrastructure or on–board the transit vehicles enable electronic fare payment. Data is processed, stored, and displayed on the transit vehicle and communicated as needed to the Transit Management Center. This service supports ad–hoc payments to the transport provider (typically through the 'payment' and 'fare' flows), payments using a transport provider's account system using account–based tokens or integrated multi–provider account systems (typically through the 'account', 'secureID' and 'authorization' flows).

Includes Elements

Regional Smart Card
Financial Institutions
Traveler Information Devices
Local Transit Systems
CTC Transit Dispatch
CTC Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Agency Transit Information Systems
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