DM01-ITS Data Warehouse (DriveOhio CV/AV)

Status: Planned


––Instance of DM01–– This service package provides access to transportation data to support transportation planning, condition and performance monitoring, safety analysis, and research. Configurations range from focused repositories that house data collected and owned by a single agency, district, private sector provider, or research institution to broad repositories that contain multimodal, multidimensional data from varied data sources covering a broader region. Both central repositories and physical distributed ITS data repositories are supported. Requests for data that are satisfied by access to a single repository in the ITS Data Warehouse service package may be parsed by the local repository and dynamically translated to requests to other repositories that relay the data necessary to satisfy the request. The repositories could include a data registry capability that allows registration of data identifiers or data definitions for interoperable use throughout a region.

Includes Elements

ODOT District 8 Maintenance Garages
Cincinnati Field Equipment
Cincinnati Traffic Control Center
The Banks Intermodal Center
Hamilton County Signal Operations
Hamilton County Maintenance Division
SORTA Transit Dispatch Center
Regional Operations Center
Cincinnati Public Information Office
Cincinnati Police Cameras
ODOT RWIS Stations
ODOT Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
ODOT OHGO Traveler Information System
Hamilton County Field Equipment
SORTA Data Warehouse
Cincinnati Public Services Department
Cincinnati Parking Management
City and County Field Equipment
Regional 911 Call Centers
City and County Public Information Systems
ODOT Dynamic Message Signs
Other City and County Traffic Control Centers
National Weather Service
OKI Transportation Planning Database
SORTA Traveler Information System
Regional Public Safety Dispatch Centers
Ohio Statewide EOC/JDF
Local Transit Systems
CTC Transit Dispatch
CVG Operations Center
ODOT District 8 Traffic Data Archive
ODOT / KYTC Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
ODPS Crash Database
BCRTA Transit System Dispatch
ODOT Traffic Signal Control System
ODOT Rest Area Truck Parking Availability System
City and County Law Enforcement
City and County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
City and County Traffic Data Archives
ODOT 511 Telephone Information Service
ODOT Automated Gate Closure Systems
ODOT Lane Control Devices
ODOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
ODOT Variable Speed Limit Signs
OSU Center of Automotive Research
Private Weather Service Systems
PUCO Commercial Vehicle Registration System
Transportation Research Centers
University of Cincinnati Shuttle Dispatch
CVG Airport Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
CVG Airport Parking Management Systems
Other City and County Maintenance Dispatch Facilities
BCRTA Traveler Information System
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