PT05-Transit Security (Local Transit Agencies)

Status: Planned


––Instance of PT05–– This service package provides for the physical security of transit passengers and transit vehicle operators. On–board equipment performs surveillance and sensor monitoring in order to identify potentially hazardous situations. The surveillance equipment includes video (e.g., CCTV cameras), audio systems and/or event recorder systems. The sensor equipment includes threat sensors (e.g., chemical agent, toxic industrial chemical, biological, explosives, and radiological sensors) and object detection sensors (e.g., metal detectors). Transit user or transit vehicle operator activated alarms are provided on–board. Public areas (e.g., transit stops, park and ride lots, stations) are also monitored with similar surveillance and sensor equipment and provided with transit user activated alarms. In addition this service package provides surveillance and sensor monitoring of non–public areas of transit facilities (e.g., transit yards) and transit infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, and transit railways or bus rapid transit (BRT) guideways. The surveillance equipment includes video and/or audio systems. The sensor equipment includes threat sensors and object detection sensors as described above as well as, intrusion or motion detection sensors and infrastructure integrity monitoring (e.g., rail track continuity checking or bridge structural integrity monitoring).

Most of the surveillance and sensor data that is collected by this service package may be monitored by either the Emergency Management Center or the Transit Management Center, providing two possible approaches to implementing this service package. This service package also supports remote transit vehicle disabling and transit vehicle operator authentication by the Transit Management Center.

Includes Elements

Regional 911 Call Centers
City and County Public Information Systems
Regional Public Safety Dispatch Centers
Local Transit Systems
CTC Transit Dispatch
CTC Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Vehicles
University of Cincinnati Department of Public Safety
Media Outlets
City and County Cameras
Local Transit Agency Transit Information Systems
University of Cincinnati Shuttle Dispatch
University of Cincinnati Shuttle Vehicles
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