VS08-Queue Warning (DriveOhio CV/AV)

Status: Planned


––Instance of VS08–– This service package utilizes connected vehicle technologies, including vehicle–to–infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle–to–vehicle (V2V) communications, to enable vehicles within the queue event to automatically broadcast their queued status information (e.g., rapid deceleration, disabled status, lane location) to nearby upstream vehicles and to centers (such as the TMC). The infrastructure will broadcast queue warnings to vehicles in order to minimize or prevent rear–end or other secondary collisions. This service package is not intended to operate as a crash avoidance system. In contrast to such systems, this service package will engage well in advance of any potential crash situation, providing messages and information to the driver in order to minimize the likelihood of his needing to take crash avoidance or mitigation actions later. It performs two essential tasks: queue determination (detection and/or prediction) and queue information dissemination using vehicle–based, infrastructure–based, or hybrid solutions.

Includes Elements

Cincinnati Field Equipment
Cincinnati Traffic Control Center
Hamilton County Signal Operations
ODOT / KYTC Cameras
Cincinnati Police Cameras
ODOT RWIS Stations
ODOT OHGO Traveler Information System
Hamilton County Field Equipment
City and County Field Equipment
ODOT Dynamic Message Signs
Other City and County Traffic Control Centers
ODOT / KYTC Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
City and County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Basic Vehicles
Connected/Automated Vehicles
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