PT02-Transit Fixed-Route Operations (TANK)

Status: Existing and Planned


This service package performs automated dispatch and system monitoring for fixed–route and flexible–route transit services. This service performs scheduling activities including the creation of schedules, blocks and runs, as well as operator assignment. This service monitors the transit vehicle trip performance against the schedule and provides information displays at the Transit Management Center.

This service package includes the implementation of IT Solutions Phase I: Improvements including procurement of fixed route scheduling, ORBCAD upgrade, addition of GIS tools and training, study investigating and resolving ADEPT issues, fleet enhancements, and user and administrator training on ORBCAD and ADEPT.

Phase II: Procuring APC system, C37 web–based trip planning system, incident management system, complaint\comment system, and miscellaneous internal projects.

Includes Elements

TANK Transit System Dispatch
TANK Transit Vehicles
City and County Maintenance Operations
City and County Traffic Control Center
TANK Traveler Information System
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