ITS Communications Equipment - ITS Communications Equipment Functionality

Subsystem Description

'ITS Communications Equipment' includes the communications hardware and software that supports secure, reliable communications. It provides the layered protocols and communications services and includes the physical network plant and network hardware that supports ITS communications. It also encompasses security services that protect communications and the management services that support network management. This physical object allows transportation stakeholders that are implementing their own communications solution to represent this implementation in their ITS architecture. The communications capabilities provided by this physical object are frequently purchased from a third party provider. When communications is a purchased service, the hardware and software included in this physical object are largely transparent to transportation stakeholders and may be transparent to the ITS architecture.

Functional Object: ITS Communications Privacy Protection

'ITS Communications Privacy Protection' operates as a proxy, obscuring the originator's network address, and tagging the message so that it can return replies to the originator.

Functional Object: ITS Communications Services

'ITS Communications Services' supports secure, reliable data communications between connected devices. It includes the network devices as well as any required physical cabling and supporting hardware that represent the communications infrastructure that originate, route, and terminate data communications between a source and a destination. Applications specific protocols are layered over more general communications protocols to support the communications. Network management keeps the network configured and working reliably. Security services ensure the data received is correct and from an authentic source.

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