SOSINK Communications Network - Other Emergency Management Functionality

Terminator Description

Representing other Emergency Management centers, systems or subsystems, this terminator provides a source and destination for ITS data flows between various communications centers operated by public safety agencies, emergency management agencies, other allied agencies, and private companies that participate in coordinated management of highway-related incidents, including disasters. The interface represented by this terminator enables emergency management activities to be coordinated across jurisdictional boundaries and between functional areas. In the Physical Architecture this terminator is a reciprocal Emergency Management Subsystem (EM) implying the requirements for general networks connecting many allied agencies. The interface between this terminator and the EM supports coordination of incident management information between many different centers providing Public Safety Answering Point (both public or private sector implementations), Public Safety Dispatch, Emergency Operations Centers, and other functions that participate in the detection, verification, response, recovery and clearance of incidents, including disasters. This terminator also supports interface to other allied agencies like utility companies that also participate in the coordinated response to selected highway-related incidents.