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Central control and operation of other municipalities or county's ITS field equipment, including traffic signals, CCTV cameras and dynamic message signs. Note that City of Fairfield is is planning to upgrade the central system with advanced technology: video detection, dilemma zone detection, backup power, pedestrian countdown signals, preemption, school flashers connected to network, Traffic Adaptive operation. Note that Clermont County is is planning to expand the Adaptive signal network in the Eastgate area to include 10 more intersections. Add emergency vehicle preemption in 3 townships and 3 municipalities in western (urban) Clermont County. Enhanced pedestrian crossing (rectangular rapid flash beacons) at 12 unsignalized pedestrian crossings and 3 hike/bike trail crossings. Note that City of Cincinnati is planning to providing signal interconnect via fiber optic zone 9 and in downtown.


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