University of Cincinnati Shuttle Dispatch

Status: Existing


Represents a fixed route transit system for the University of Cincinnati, also known as the Bearcat Transportation System. Provides fixed route shuttle services for UC students, faculty and staff on 11 routes.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
University of CincinnatiOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Transit Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Transit Center Connection Protection'Transit Center Connection Protection' manages the coordination of transit transfers between routes within a single transit agency, between routes of different transit agencies, or between different modes (e.g. a bus transit route and a ferry route). ThFalse
Transit Center Operator Assignment'Transit Center Operator Assignment' automates and supports the assignment of transit vehicle operators to runs. It assigns operators to runs in a fair manner while minimizing labor and overtime services, considering operator preferences and qualificationFalse
Transit Center Vehicle Tracking'Transit Center Vehicle Tracking' monitors transit vehicle location. The location information is collected via a data communication link between the transit vehicles and the transit center. The location information is presented to the transit operator oFalse

Physical Standards

Document NumberTitleDescription
ISO 21217Intelligent transport systems –– Communications access for land mobiles (CALM) –– ArchitectureISO 21217 describes the communications reference architecture of nodes called "ITS station units" designed for deployment in ITS communication networks. While it describes a number of ITS station elements, whether or not a particular element is implemented in an ITS station unit depends on the specific communication requirements of the implementation. It also describes the various communication modes for peer–to–peer communications over various networks between ITS communication nodes. These nodes may be ITS station units as described in the document or any other reachable nodes. ISO 21217 specifies the minimum set of normative requirements for a physical instantiation of the ITS station based on the principles of a bounded secured managed domain.

Interfaces To

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