Indiana State Police Weigh-in-Motion Stations

Status: Planned


Indiana State Police operates fixed and mobile Weigh–In–Motion (WIM) stations throughout the state for commercial vehicle enforcement purposes. This element represents WIM stations in a CV/AV environment that support automated vehicle identification at mainline speeds for credential checking, roadside safety inspections, and weigh–in–motion using two–way data exchange.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Indiana State PoliceOwnsPlanned

Physical Objects

Commercial Vehicle Check Equipment

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
CVCE Citation and Accident Electronic Recording'CVCE Citation and Accident Electronic Recording' documents accidents, citations, and violations identified during roadside safety inspections and forwards the information to the Commercial Vehicle Administration Center for processing. It collects data fFalse
CVCE Electronic Screening'CVCE Electronic Screening' supports electronic credentials and safety screening of commercial vehicles at mainline speeds. It processes the data from the commercial vehicles along with accessed database information to determine whether a pull–in messageFalse
CVCE Safety and Security Inspection'CVCE Safety and Security Inspection' supports the roadside safety inspection process, including wireless roadside inspections that are conducted remotely. It reads on–board safety data at mainline speeds to rapidly check the vehicle and driver and accesFalse
CVCE Weigh–In–Motion'CVCE Weigh–In–Motion' measures and records axle weights and gross vehicle weight without requiring the vehicle to come to a stop. Both permanent and portable installations are supported and may be performed in conjunction with electronic clearance or asFalse

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