City of Cincinnati Traffic Control Center




Central control and operation of the City of Cincinnati's traffic signals, with future plans for controlling and operating CCTV cameras and DMS.


City of Cincinnati


Traffic Management

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Cincinnati Police Cameras
Cincinnati Police Dispatch
Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
City and County Traffic Control Center
City of Cincinnati Field Equipment
City of Cincinnati Public Information Office
City of Cincinnati Public Services Department
CTC Transit Dispatch
Hamilton County Signal Operations
KYTC Public Information Office
Local Transit Systems
National Weather Service
ODOT / KYTC Cameras
ODOT / KYTC Traveler Information System
ODOT Statewide TMC
Ohio State Highway Patrol
OKI Transportation Planning Database
Regional Operations Center
School District Dispatch
SORTA Riverfront Transit Operations Center
SORTA Transit Dispatch Center
TANK Transit System Dispatch
The Banks Intermodal Center