Fleet and Freight Management Systems

Status: Planned


This element refers to centers that coordinate the operation of freight vehicles (including trucks, rail and planes) and can be connected to other modal systems' operations for efficient movement of commercial goods. Most freight management centers report the movement of commercial good through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Private Fleet and Freight OperatorsOwnsPlanned

Physical Objects

Fleet and Freight Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Center Data Collection'Center Data Collection' collects and stores information that is created in the course of center operations. This data can be used directly by operations personnel or it can be made available to other data users and archives in the region.False
Center Data Subscription Management'Center Data Subscription Management' manages data subscriptions for an end user. It provides access to a catalog of available data, manages the necessary user information and rules that govern the data subscriptions, supports communications with data prFalse
Fleet Administration'Fleet Administration' provides vehicle tracking, dispatch, and reporting capabilities to fleet management personnel. It gathers current road conditions, commercial vehicle–specific traffic and parking information, prepares vehicle routes, and provides aFalse
Freight Administration and Management'Freight Administration and Management' manages the movement of freight from source to destination. It interfaces to intermodal customers to setup and schedule transportation and coordinates with intermodal terminals and freight consolidation stations toFalse

Interfaces To

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